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Kick 3

Kick 3 Machine

What is kick 3?

Kick 3 is a dynamic navigation which gives us real time assessment of the knee deformity and knee ligament balance

How does it work?

  • It works on the principle of 3 point spatial orientation
  • We usually keep some trackers on the femur and tibia
  • And keep on defining anatomical landmarks as per patient’s anatomy
  • Based on this information it gathers a data and give us the actual deformity assessment

What is dynamic navigation?

Dynamic navigation means it tells us real time knee movements its stability during movement and alignment of the knee during movement

How is it useful?

  • Any success of the knee replacement is dependent on alignment and ligament balancing
  • Kick 3 machine help us in achieving near perfect alignment and ligament balancing which is visible through and graph
  • Through normal conventional technique there are very high chances of getting wrong on the alignment part and ligament balancing is also not achieved that perfectly so there are very high chances of mid flexion instability

What are the other advantages of kick 3 ?

  • Kick 3 has clear lens technology so it takes very less time for the data collection. it is very rapid and precise.
  • So surgical time is reduced so the blood loss
  • Bcs of perfect balancing pt usually doesn’t requires any support for mobilization within short term
  • Navigation otherwise also gives 99.9% perfection
  • It is very useful in deformity correction

How many kick 3 machines are there in India?

It’s a first installation of the kick 3 in India with joints avenue hospital. Infact this was the first installation in whole Southeast Asia