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Hip Replacement

The Diseased Hip

The most common disease affecting the hip joint is osteoarthritis. This is essentially a wearing away of the articular cartilage, to expose underlying bone. This may come on primarily or secondary to preceding trauma or deformity. Other diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can also affect the hip. When the articular cartilage is worn, you will experience symptoms of pain in the groin or knee as well as stiffness and restriction of movement.

  Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery. Minimally invasive hip surgery in London involves inserting the hip prosthesis of choice through an incision generally less than 10cms. However depending on the patient’s body habitus, a >10cm incision may still qualify as minimally invasive.

There is less muscle cutting and more muscle splitting in a minimally invasive approach compared with a conventional approach.With a minimally invasive approach there is less blood loss, faster recovery and a more cosmetic scar.

What is Hip Replacement?
This is a surgical procedure that involves replacing the joint surfaces of the hip. The replacement of the femoral joint surface may involve a prosthesis with a stem that is placed deep in the femur (conventional hip replacement) or sits on its surface (hip resurfacing). The acetabular joint surface is also replaced with these procedures.

There are other considerations with Joint Replacement such as what keeps the prosthesis in the bone and what the ball and socket are made of.
Prostheses can be fixed on/in the bone with or without cement. The ball and socket can me made up of metal on both sides, metal on the ball side with polyethylene on the socket, ceramic on both sides or ceramic on the ball side and polyethylene on the socket side.
Shape and condition of the bone as well as age of the patient will affect these variables.

If hip joint is deformed or damaged, it may be a good idea to consider hip replacement surgery. Damaged joints can get worse over time. The orthopedic surgeon in Nagpur will decide the exact treatment for the hip. Sometimes hip pain or other symptoms can be caused by other health issues. These include Back pain & Knee pain



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